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Ayda Field has expressed her joy following a horrific week with the family cat, Milo. Taking to her Instagram page on Monday, the 41-year-old - who is married to singer Robbie Williams - revealed she was left fearful that the 17-year-old pet wasn't going to pull through.

Tovább a cikkre: Hello 2020.12.01

The Take That singer has opened up about his family's festive traditions, revealing they put whiskey out for Father Christmas, carrots for the reindeers and recreate footprints ahead of the big day

Tovább a cikkre: NZ City 2020.11.30

When Take That wrapped up their exhaustive, 43-date Everything Changes tour in April 1994, the band were ready for a break.

Plans were made. Holidays in Ibiza and Greece were booked. But then Gary Barlow got a call from the band's record label.

Tovább a cikkre: BBC 2020.11.30

Robbie Williams joined Emma B on Magic Radio today (30th November) to talk about his new single ‘Can’t Stop Christmas’. During their chat, Robbie revealed he wouldn't say no to a stint on I'm A Celeb!

Tovább a cikkre: Planet Radio 2020.11.30

Pop star Gary Barlow has revealed he aspires to make "simple but sophisticated" music
Gary Barlow aspires to make "simple but sophisticated" music.

Tovább a cikkre: The List 2020.11.30

Robbie Williams can’t see himself getting the Christmas number one this year and it would take a Christmas miracle for him to do so.

The former Take That singer released his Christmas single this week called ‘Can’t Stop Christmas’. The song references the pandemic and how 2020 has been a year like no other. “Oh what a miserable year/it’s never been like this before/Santa’s on his sleigh but now he is two metres apart” sings Williams.

Tovább a cikkre: Nova 2020.11.29

Gary Barlow and a whole host of his celebrity pals have rallied together for a televised music concert called the Night At The Museum, set to air on ITV on Sunday.

The singer, 49, has pulled out all the stops with the likes of Alesha Dixon, Jack Whitehall, Ronan Keating, Alfie Boe, Beverley Knight and Jason Donovan taking part.

Tovább a cikkre: Daily Mail 2020.11.28

Take That and party? It was more Take That and panic for Gary Barlow, who says all he remembers from the group’s 1990s heyday is a feeling of dread.

Tovább a cikkre: Metro 2020.11.27

Robbie Williams has admitted his chart days are behind him and he doubts he stands a chance of claiming this year's Christmas No1 with 'Can't Stop Christmas'

Tovább a cikkre: The List 2020.11.26

London — Egy „emberrablás” miatt rúgták ki Robbie Williamst (46) huszonöt évvel ezelőtt a Take Thatből.

Tovább a cikkre: Blikk 2020.11.25

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