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június 21. – Koppenhága, Dánia
június 24. – Hamburg, Németo.
június 25. - Frankfurt a. M. – Németo.
június 26. – Bécs, Ausztria
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Take That Story
Gary Barlow
Mark Owen
Howard Donald
Jason Orange
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Take That will release three new songs to mark their 30th anniversary. The band, currently made up of remaining members Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, has been in the studio recently cooking up something special to mark the occasion.

Tovább a cikkre: Metro 2018.09.03

ROBBIE Williams took a hilarious dig at his Take That bandmate Gary Barlow in tonight's X Factor.

The singer - who quit Take That and went on to become the UK's biggest ever solo male pop star - couldn't resist taking a pop at his friend during the auditions stage.

Tovább a cikkre: The Sun 2018.09.02

He's set to make his official judging debut on the upcoming series of the beloved ITV talent show later this week.

But despite on work duty, Robbie Williams couldn't fail to display his affection for his wife and co-judge Ayda Field, as they share a sweet cuddle during the first episode of X Factor, which will hit screens on Saturday.

Tovább a cikkre: Daily Mail 2018.08.30

Robbie Williams reveals the real reason he joined the X Factor.

Simon Cowell has been asking Robbie Williams to join the show for years. He has a vast knowledge of music and the industry and he has a big following and huge personality so it seems like a natural fit. But why has the Take That star only joined the panel now?

Tovább a cikkre: Everyday Koala 2018.08.29

From Robbie Williams to Olly Murs, these musicians are still football mad.

As football fans all around the world buzz about Transfer Deadline Day, watching the flurry of activity online as clubs make the most of their last chance to transfer players, it got us thinking about how many big musicians transferred their careers from the pitch to the stage.

Tovább a cikkre: Contactmusic 2018.08.09

New 'X Factor' judge Robbie Williams is reportedly set for an upcoming 'X-Files' style documentary entitled 'Hunt For The Skinwalker', which is about the hunt for alien life.

Robbie Williams has been interviewed about his alien encounters for a new documentary.

Tovább a cikkre: Contactmusic 2018.08.06

Gary Barlow was among a large number of British tourists caught up in the terrifying earthquake which rocked Indonesia today.

The Take That star tweeted that he was "shaken up" after the magnitude-7 quake struck at 7.45pm local time, claiming three lives.

Tovább a cikkre: Mirror 2018.08.05

'NOW That's What I Call Music' releases its 100th compilation today (20.07.18) and Robbie Williams is revealed as the artist with the most appearances.

Tovább a cikkre: Contactmusic 2018.07.20

Gary Barlow is not a fan of pop songs that are only two minutes long as he feels they lack lyrical content and aren't long enough for ''big celebratory choruses''.

Tovább a cikkre: Contactmusic 2018.07.17

Take That have confirmed they're releasing a greatest hits album and going on tour with it next year.

Tovább a cikkre: Contactmusic 2018.07.16

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