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ROBBIE Williams is hoping to bid farewell to his 'haunted' home in England as he sets up a new life with his family in Switzerland.

The Angels singer, 47, has put his 17th century English manor on the market to move into his £24million villa on the banks of Lake Geneva.

Tovább a cikkre: The Sun 2021.02.21

GARY BARLOW, 50, is a member of Take That and a solo artist with huge talent. He has written a lot of hit songs and will appear tonight to perform on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Tovább a cikkre: Express 2021.02.20

Take That frontman Gary Barlow has been working with Peter Andre on new material
Gary Barlow is working on a new musical project with Peter Andre.

Tovább a cikkre: The List 2021.02.20

The disco track had us tapping our toes

Everyone needs a boost sometimes (especially during lockdown).

But this treat definitely beats buying something new online or cooking something special for dinner.

Tovább a cikkre: My London 2021.02.15

Many teenage fans mourned when “Take That” announced their final end 25 years ago. Now her ex-manager revealed what was really going on behind the scenes at the time.

Tovább a cikkre: The Times Hub 2021.02.13

The musician, who sensationally quit boyband Take That in 1995, is a loved up family man after finding happiness with wife Ayda Field.

Robbie Williams is marking his 47th birthday on Saturday.

And the pop sensation has led a life filled with ups and downs - which he has always spoken openly on.

Tovább a cikkre: Irish Mirror 2021.02.13

“Unfortunately the rumors are true,” said Gary Barlow on February 13, 1996. A shock to languishing teenagers across Europe; Pastoral care and emergency hotlines have been set up.

25 years ago sobbing teenagers all over Europe were in desperate arms. In Germany, the “Bravo” set up an emergency hotline. In the UK, a suicidal foundation comforted grieving teenagers.

Tovább a cikkre: The Times Hub 2021.02.12

ROBBIE Williams has splashed out a staggering £24 million on a magnificent dream villa in Switzerland.

The ex-Take That star and his family have told friends they “love the pace of life” in the idyllic Alpine beauty spot they now call home.

Tovább a cikkre: The U.S. Sun 2021.01.29

Jason Orange went to ground after walking out on Take That in 2014, and bandmate Gary Barlow says whatever is going on is 'bigger than we know'

Tovább a cikkre: Mirror 2021.01.29

Gary Barlow announced the bombshell news that Fab Five are set to be Back For Good

Robbie Williams is set to rejoin Take That with all five original members - more than 30 years after the band was first formed.

Tovább a cikkre: Stoke sentinel 2021.01.25

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