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Take That Story
Gary Barlow
Mark Owen
Howard Donald
Jason Orange
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P&O Cruises has announced dates for exclusive new performances by Gary Barlow on board Iona in the Headliner’s Theatre. He will appear on the Spain and Portugal cruise (G236) departing Southampton on October 29, 2022 and the Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands cruise (G237) departing Southampton on November 12, 2022.

Tovább a cikkre: Breaking travel news 2022.05.23

He joined Gary Barlow and Howard Donald at the photocall of their upcoming film Greatest Days during the 75th annual Cannes film festival.

Mark Owen has been showing off a new look as he reunited with his Take That bandmates. And the location couldn't have been further from Manchester, or the UK as they appeared in Cannes.

Tovább a cikkre: Manchester evening 2022.05.19

The members of Take That cut dapper figures at the Greatest Days photo call during Cannes film festival on Wednesday.

The trio comprising of Gary Barlow, 51, Howard Donald, 54, and Mark Owen, 50, posed in their summery suits at the event to promote the film which will tell the story of their band's rise to fame.

Tovább a cikkre: Daily Mail 2022.05.18

A Take That után szólókarriert építő popsztár most egy új művészeti ágban mutatkozik be: a londoni Sotheby's állítja ki a festményeit.

Tovább a cikkre: NLC 2022.05.16

Take That heartthrobs Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen are gearing up to conquer Cannes on Wednesday, the first time they’ve visited during the film festival. Let’s Pray that the sun will Shine and it will be their Greatest Day.

Tovább a cikkre: Deadline 2022.05.16

Singer, songwriter, composer and producer Gary Barlow is bringing his theatrical one-man stage show A Different Stage to Portsmouth.

Tovább a cikkre: Sussex Express 2022.05.09

Robbie Williams has announced another 10,000 tickets will go on sale for his stadium show at Stoke's Vale Park.

Tovább a cikkre: Yahoo 2022.05.05

Singer Robbie Williams joked he didn’t “condone” director Michael Gracey’s decision for lead actor Jonno Davies to have to get nude in his upcoming biopic ‘Better Man’ but said the film won’t hold anything back when it comes to his wild past.

Tovább a cikkre: Bhaskarlive 2022.05.04

Gary Barlow was spotted in Australia recently, leading to speculation that he might be out there to film a cameo for the biopic Better Man - about Take That bandmate Robbie Williams.

Tovább a cikkre: Mirror 22022.05.04

Pop megastar Robbie Williams is plotting to move his family back to the UK for good - after putting his £24 million Swiss lodge up for sale. The Port Vale fan is set to play a homecoming concert at Vale Park next month.

Tovább a cikkre: Stoke Sentinel 2022.04.25

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